Learn to Scrum


This course is intended for those who participate in Scrum teams or run projects based on agile frameworks and methodologies. No prior knowledge is required. The objective is to introduce the participant to the Scrum framework (pillars, values, artifacts, meetings and rules) as a development team member.


Presentation of theory happens through on-demand video lessons. The course reinforces the application of techniques in an example project. The proposed exercises are corrected so that the student can check her learning progress. The instructor is available to answer questions by email. A Course Completion Certificate is provided to participants who attend all classes and respond to tests.


  • Agile x Predictive project management approaches
  • Scrum Pillars
  • Values
  • Roles
  • Meetings
  • Artifacts
  • Scrum Teams and what is expected of the team members
  • Common misconceptions and mistakes when adopting Scrum

4.Support Material

All classes are complemented with a booklet for note taking with the main points of each lesson. Participants are asked to print the material before attending to classes.

5.Price and Guarantee

Duration: 2 hours plus time for exercises (approx. 3 hours)

Price: U$ 199

Guarantee: 30 days money back